Rosh Pina Studio 角石音樂

Cornerstone for your musical creativity


Our vision

Do you have an angelic voice that you would like to capture with the best quality possible?

Do you have a moving melody that you would like to turn it into a complete piece of music?

Do you have a heartening work that you would like to show the world in its best state?


"Rosh Pina" is a Hebrew word meaning Cornerstone, which is the most important foundation of a house. We have always believed in the power of music, and understand that with good musical ideas and good production quality, your works will fly higher and touch more hearts. We look forward to be the cornerstone of your music, and work with you to deliver your music in its best state.


We are also happy to introduce the fun of making music through live performances and workshops. We also offer quality music arrangement and equipment rental service. Contact us for more information!








「Rosh Pina」在希伯來文裡的意思是「房角石」,是一棟房屋最重要的根基。我們相信音樂的力量,明白好的音樂加上好的製作質素,能將您的創作帶到更遠的地方,感染更多的人。我們期待能成為您音樂的房角石,與愛好音樂的您同行,使您的音樂更上一層樓。



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