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Gladys’s life has been bonded with music since her first piano lesson at the age of 6. Apart from obtaining her ABRSM Grade 8 Piano and Theory certificates at the age of 16, Gladys has also developed herself into an all-rounded musician with mastery in keyboard, guitar, bass, cajon and drums with her talent and devotion to music.

Gladys musical talent isnt limited to instruments.  Experienced in choral singing, Gladys found her passion in a cappella music, for which she founded and directed successively Mosaic, Hong Kong’s first collegiate a cappella group, and JustSing, which has brought its emulated instrumental harmony to all corners of Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and beyond.  She is also the background vocalist of 5 Dollar Tux, a local indie band, while doubling as its keyboardist.  The Fringe Club, Backstage Live Restaurant, Fullcupmusic Café and KITEC are just a few favourite music hangouts in town where Gladys has left her footprints in such variety of performances as pop, folk, rock and jazz music. She was also invited by TVB, CCTV and Metro Radio for interviews and performances. 

On the technical side, Gladys is a seasoned sound engineer in both live scene and studio. She founded Rosh Pina Studio in 2012 and has been recording, mixing and mastering albums for 5 Dollar Tux, a number of local churches and other musicians. Gladys holds the Advanced Certificate in Modern Audio Production from Baron School of Music and is expected to complete her certificate courses at Berklee College of Music by Spring 2015.  On the other hand, Gladys also coaches on vocal singing, a cappella, guitar, drums and cajon.

Off stage, Gladys is a lady of wide interest. You may find her scuba diving, ranging the road on her bicycle or climbing the Nepalese mountains, and occasionally bringing back bizarre instruments to her studio.

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Gladys的音樂天賦亦表現在歌唱方面。多年的合唱及編曲經驗燃起她對無伴奏合唱的熱誠,於是成立了香港首隊紮根校園的無伴奏組合 <Mosaic>及另一組合<摘聲>,並擔任音樂總監及音響設計等,將無伴奏合唱帶到香港、內地及台灣等地。Gladys 亦是本地樂隊<5 Dollar Tux> 的和聲及鍵琴手。Gladys以她最喜愛的流行曲、搖滾樂、鄉謠和爵士風會友,曾演出的場地包括藝穗會、Backstage Live Restaurant、呼吸音樂、The Wanch 及九龍灣展貿中心等。她亦曾接受無綫電視、中央電視台及新城電台邀請,進行訪問及錄音。


除了前線演出以外,Gladys 亦是一位經驗豐富的錄音師及混音師。2012年成立個人錄音室Rosh Pina Studio (角石音樂) 後,Gladys為她的樂隊<5 Dollar Tux>、多間本地教會及其他音樂人灌錄唱片及進行混音、母帶處理等工作。Gladys於2011年修畢伯樂音樂學院之現代數碼錄音製作高級證書課程,並將於2015年春季完成柏克萊音樂學院(Berklee College of Music)之音樂製作證書課程。此外,Gladys也積極參與聲樂、無伴奏合唱、結他、爵士鼓及木箱鼓等教學工作。








Photographer: Kelvin Yeung